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Socks the Stinky Kitty

My cat is such a spoiled brat. But, she is so cute.

In other news:

Bernie definitely hit the nail on the head. I remember being in school and having it drilled in my head that in order to have a successful career you had to have a college degree. All sorts of college recruiters came to our schools promoting their programs from all across the US. Places from NYC - CA. Giving us books and inviting us to visit and when the final tuition estimates came in, They ranged from $30,000-$50,000 a year for tuition. Including the Kansas City Art Institute which offered me $23,000 in scholarships out of what looked like $50,000 tuition.

It was drilled in our heads that getting loans was ok for school cause we would get great jobs when we finished. I’m still waiting for my great job. In the end I chose UMKC and was given a full ride for my grades but the actual program for graphics was not good. I ended up working places like blockbuster video and worlds of fun. I went back to school at penn valley community college, thinking I must have missed something and even that didn’t help. Still couldn’t get a job.

So I jumped on the bandwagon and jetted off to New Jersey for Joe Kubert School to try again using those student loans I never took advantage of in order pay my dues.

i met cool people and made cool friends and actually got a job after my second year, but the company collapsed and went out of business about a year after I started. It was 2008 and things were falling apart in the US. Then 6 months after school was out the bills started coming in. $600/month! No debt consolidation! I got forbarence as long as I could and now I again did not have a job and was looking everywhere. It was back to working at theme parks and everything was part time no benefits. I had places in my field tell me I was to creative to work for them, or I was unqualified regardless of my experience. I was taking shit freelance drawing hundreds of sketchcards for $5 each and drawing $10 sketches to put on eBay. Anything just to be able to afford some sort of living.

I worked at in home care places, and substitute taught. Where was my happily ever after cause I went to college and did everything the right way!?

Kids now can get the same education I was trying to get in college, on the internet for $12 a month with a little self motivation and a bootleg copy of photoshop on there computer. And finish with better qualifications and no debt.

The Dream was sold. The schools got their money. What did they care what happens to the students that carry the burden of paying it back.

I remember standing on a bus stop getting ready to commute to work on a charter bus, like I did everyday for 2 hours every morning and every night for my first “dream job” in a design company, and Adam Kubert drove up and honked and waved at me from his red convertible as he dropped his wife off. I had just walked 40 minutes to get there.

The year before, I had dropped out. They cut the school in half moved us to a warehouse with no decent electricity and one of our animation teachers had quit in the middle of the school year and was replaced with a person that was not qualified to teach the class despite being a great artist. The equipment in the classes was old and falling apart. Everything we were being taught was completely outdated for the requirements of the ever changing industry I was trying to get into and I had gotten into a disagreement with one of the teachers cause I felt like he just wasn’t teaching us anything we hadn’t already learned the first year we were there.

Previous Kubert school grads had only paid like $3000 a year to study there. Our tuition was 6 times that amount And went up $1000 every year. And the education we were getting was probably of less quality than those that came before us. But at least I got to put a famous name on my resume that no company seemed to read.

My story I not unique. I talked to a lot of people that have horror stories about how they are paying money for a education that land them a great job at Walmart, or a gas station. And let’s not for forget the amazing careers they now have at Chipotle.

And student debt can’t be bankruptcied away. Nope it gets to follow you your whole life keeping you from being able to do things like own a home or afford a decent car do to the ever building interest that you payments only seem to be going towards and not the actual principal. What a scam the American people have been pulled into.

Debt slaves, because companies don’t want to pay for on the job training. They want you to come in fully qualified for jobs that are constantly changing due to technology constantly evolving. So they can make there money from your hard work And give you $10-15/hour. And if you don’t like it there is always someone in line to take your place.


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Love you work, I'll always be a fan......don't ever stop

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