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taking a caricature commissions

Special thanks to everyone that has been participating in the Facebook caricatures that I have been doing everyday.

It is a great help to me as I am currently completely out of work until July. The generosity of everyone has been so wonderful.

if you are interested in getting drawn you can seen me photos through social media or to my email.

Prices are as follows: ALL PRICES ARE PER PERSON!

$10 Black and White

$20 Color

$25 Full Body Black and White

If you would like to watch me work on your artwork I am streaming everyday from 3 - 5 on Facebook live. Occasionally I also stream on Instagram.

There are no corrections on artwork. If you do not like your drawing there is a $10 fee for each revisions. I really strive to make the art look like you and often times problem happen if I am given low quality photos to work from.


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