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Drawing on the road!

So many may not understand this but being a artist is so awesome because I get to travel.

My art has taken me so many places I never had any idea it could take me.

In the past I've gone to NYC, Baltimore, New Jersey, Emerald City, Washington D.C, Los Angeles, Wisconsin, Texas, Indiana, and so many other awesome small towns its to many to name.

All for the sake of drawing people and I have to say I love it.

Just think! So many people in the US have a drawing done by me hanging somewhere in their home.

On top of that my work is also hanging in the Nelson Atkins Museum. A national museum as well as on a big banner in the middle of Kansas city. Honestly very few artist get to enjoy the love and appreciation for there work that I receive on a daily bases.

But seriously, I never imagined my work would have value to other people in this way. Especially my own personal work that I only ever thought meant something to me.

So this last few weeks I have spent on the beach in Santa Cruz California working with Cali Caricature. Its been a pleasure to be here.

I have walked a lot! 10-15000 steps a day. Practiced my yoga, gone to a Iyangar class, seen the red woods and drawn lots of people. On top of that I have also spent a lot of time nurturing my spirit. Praying, doing some Bible study with friends and evaluating the direction I want me life as an adult to go.

I spent a lot of years in depression and fighting sadness and mental/emotional battles that I want to see end. This is one of those steps. Living life on your own terms and not fighting the systems of control put in place by not just the government and media but also perpetuated by our own families and the people that claim to love us in our lives.

I am finding that lots of people now just seem to come and go but the ones that stay are definitely worth it.

Cheers to a healthy career, a healthy mental body, and a ever evolving physical body.

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