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Happiness.... Amazing

I love the animation and its got great story.

You know, after dealing with this for years I really really really really have slowed down. The most important things to me now are liking myself, working on my self-esteem that has be broken and shattered because of other human beings trying to tell me how to live, and hitting the gym to work on my health and wellness. Oh yeah! and SLEEPING!! I have been sleep deprived for years. If you don't like sleeping that's on you.

Only way to true happiness is being true to yourself and only perusing those things you enjoy. Oh and only having people around you that you know value you as a person and not for what you can do for them.

Even if it means you don't have a lot of money and barely any friends. Lets face it, I worked my ass of for years. To the point of sickness. Not just for employers that saw me as replaceable, but also for individuals that did not respect me and who often barely noticed that I stopped trying to include them in my life.

Yet I still have barely any financial security or family security to show for it. So why worry about it.

True Happiness is on the Inside. You gotta make it for yourself.


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