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I never thought I would say this

I am so FREAKING Happy!!

I know we all go through our ups and downs but I am the happiest I have ever been in my life. Not long ago I went to Huntington Beach for the NCS Comic art Festival and it was so much fun!

I hung with my sister from another mister Candy Briones, Creator of Taco el Gato comics. As well as, saw good friend Chris Meesey, Damian Dunn, Daniel Reyes, Kelly O'Brian and many more cool people. I was worrying a lot about relationships and dating and family stuff but i came back from this trip feeling renewed. Overnight that stuff didnt really matter that much anymore. I just realized I mostly enjoyed just having great relationships with friends and people I cared about and that cared for me.

I GOT TO SEE CANDY'S GAME IN ACTION!! Oh man! it was so cool! her determination to complete it and the quality is so amazing!

I also shared my first published book on the table and one of my short stories!

We went out for sushi and me, Kelly and Candy also went out for Korean food and sat around learning how to say the food was good in Korean from Kelly who told us stories about her living in Korea and Japan. She is such a wonderful person and a pleasure to be around on top of her talent.


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