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More facebook caricatures

So Mon-fri I am doing a daily stream. from 3-5pm

Its on facebook. Thank you everyone for the amazing responce. I draw the caricatures for fun and free but you recieve it as a low res download with my website info on it.

If a person wants the hi res without the watermark it is $10 per person. the money is sustaining me since I lost all my work through july due to the Covid 19 situation.

Its just survival to keep the lights on and not blow through my small savings all at one time.

Thank you to everyone that has participated so far. I didnt image it would turn into this.

Its been tough not allowing myself to get depressed or down about things. The most important thing to do in these times is to stay positive and avoid giving up! Thank you everyone that has been breathing life into me during this time.


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