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Amanda Seales Speaks truth

Really enjoying listening to this interview. She really gets down and dirty about the "me too" movement and the difficulty of being a woman and working as a creator. I think this applies to so many industries.

I once called a person in an attempt to do business with them involving having specialty t shirts made and sold. The conversation went from talking about setting up the work to be printed to being about his kinky sexy interests. I've gotten where once a conversation that was originally about doing business goes to flirting or even all out sexual aggression I no longer can take the person seriously or even have a interest in working with them.

This interview really got to me cause she talked about people that she thought she would be working with on a business level coming at her in a sexual manner and completely disrespecting her as a creator and a business woman in public. And other people around her , including men that were friends, not noticing or even stepping up to defend her as if its just normal acceptable behavior.

Even down to telling a story about siting on the lap of a well known music producer.

I guess this is where learning you self worth and how to protect yourself really becomes important. Watch ya back ladies. You are worth so much more and deserve to be treated like a human being and not a object.


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