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Behind Tornado Alley/QuietStorm

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

So many people have heard me talk about Tornado Alley, others had read the comic. But many don't really know what its about or the purpose behind it.

So i thought i would give people a little sprinkle sprinkle about it today.

What is Tornado Alley?

We have all met Mainasha and socks, but there are actually many more characters. Mainasha enters into a world that is pretty much Oz. the characters are based on the wizard of oz but it only takes the themes in mind. The real story is about relationships and men and women relating to won another.

Socks is her companion animal and has her own weird experiences, but the nitty gritty is supposed to be whimsical and satirical telling of Mainasha's zany adventures dealing with the opposite sex.

This is what the scare crow the tin man and the cowardly lion all represent. there is also a wicker witch and flying monkeys and stuff but you get the jist.

Oh and everything is actually happening in a dream. Which iis why Mainasha is always caught sleeping.

What is Quiet Storm?

Quiet Storm is never talked about that much by me. It is a much more serious grown up version of Tornado alley. Everything happens in real life. its everything that happens to Mainasha when she is not in her alternate reality.

It still deals with relationships but also has a bit more depressing and introspective approach. you could look at it as a bit of a drama series.

How they work together...

The 2 series work together in that tornado alley is more a series of short stories meant to lighten things up with a bit of humor and fun. Weird stuff to explore like a town of veggie people. the stories are meant to be interludes in between the more serious story line of Quiet Storm so its not always tears and stress.

So yeah that's the basics.


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