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Corona Virus S*** is getting real

So I wanted to get myself back on schedule with trying to do some regular posts. the year has been pretty busy, lots of distactions and lots of work. Growing the caricature portion of my company so that I can afford to live and developing new ideas and stuff like that.

Not to mention real life struggles like buying new cars and remodeling bathrooms and just fixing day to day problems with family, relationships and my own mental status.

Anyway, because of the corona virus scare I have lost a lot of work so I am home trying to get into a new routine and being creative. It's hard to be creative sometimes though when you don't have a lot of creative people around to just have fun with and bounce ideas around and share inspiration from. So to get my motivations up I decided to start getting back to creating. I want to write a couple new stories and get drawing them and also promote some of my caricature work a bit more.

I love having my own little space on the web. I want to use it more. Host more live streams and put up maybe some video tutorials in the web store.

I hope you will enjoy the new art. One of the things I have been working on is a standardized look for Tornado alley and how it gets colored. One that allows me to move pretty fast so I can put out more color art.



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