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some digital sketches

So I was out at Chicago Comic com working for sketched and I got to hang out with my friend Chris Meesey. A really amazing and creative artist but also very down to earth and real person. You should take time and look at his work.

I realized at this show that I get in these places in my life where I become disconnected from the artistic life. not sketching or studying or being creative like I use too. Much of it due to huge life changes and focusing a lot on my health and changing other aspects of my life.

But I hung out and sketched with friends for the first time in a long time and I appreciated the wonderful people I have in my life and enjoyed being in there creative energy and it was really renewing. so tonight I did some sketches.

I also got to meet and hang out with a awesome friend Raza. he brought his whole family out to the show and I drew them and we all hugged and had a good time. So much fun and positive vibes. Thank you everyone for your kindness and love and making me see past the walls I put up. The blinders I walk around wearing.

It was cool to talk about art and just look at drawing and what I enjoy about it for a change with people that related to that.

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