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God wants you to live in truth.

The idea of living in your truth has always baffled me. An amazing women that has really been a mom to me told me years ago to live in my truth. But I dont think at the time I knew what that honestly meant.

Then today I saw a sermon at my church where they talked about how we, not only, lie to other people, but we lie to ourselves to justify the sins we commit.

Sometimes we don't even see the small lies as Lies! We lie to protect others feeling, and to get people to like us. BUT WORSE! We lie to ourselves to justify our lies to others.

A friend a few weeks ago told me that when I am not being myself to accommodate others feelings, or to make them feel good, that I am being dishonest. CAUSE I AM NOT TELLING THEM THE TRUTH IN ORDER TO PROTECT THEM FROM BEING HURT OR TO PROTECT MYSELF FROM BEING HURT.

A light bulb really flashed on. I thought of all the times I felt stressed and unhappy because I didn't know how to tell other people that their actions were hurting me. So I suffered for years, sometimes cause I stayed silent about feeling violated or abused by a person. And I would say it's ok I just will let it go and move on while at the same time I was not moving on.

They say iron sharpens iron. When we are honest with others and with ourselves no matter how painful it may be to deal with the truth, it allows both parties to grow and evolve. And if the person leaves your life for your honesty then perhaps they didnt deserve to be apart of your life to begin with.

I finally know the definition of living in truth. It's not a easy task and lots of people will hate you for it simply cause they want to be able to use you for their personal needs.

But if they can't accept you as your authentic self, then should you really be around them anyway?

dont forget!

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