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Going to Art school is stupid!

I was listening to Jason Brubaker the other day and someone asked him about choosing the right art school. He told them something I actually tell young students all the time and I wish someone had to me, though I doubt I would have listened. But had I had the same resources 20 years ago, with the internet that young people have today I Probably would have listened actually.

Art School is a waste of time. I had fun, but I wasted a lot of money. Its only really worth it if you get a SHIT LOAD of scholarships and are able to go for next to nothing or free.

Most of what you really need to learn to make a living as a artist, (fine artist or commercial) they don't teach in the classroom. How to get freelance work, how to get a agent, how to get in galleries etc the list goes on.

But the one thing Jason said that really struck home was that the Schools that are supposed to be giving you real world training so you can work in the industry are WAY BEHIND!! The don't have the software, the books are outdated, the lessons are from 10 years ago (or more). You can learn more on youtube about standard industry practices than you would in the 4 years you are in the class room doing assignments.

Heck, on Youtube, you can learn from pros working in the industry, while your teacher at school probably never set foot in a actual art studio other than there own, especially if you are trying to study animation!

Don't get me wrong the old techniques cover the basics which are important. But when you need to know how to use toon boom, 3D modeling, and draw in a Cintiq, at most school across the USA, you are SHIT OUTTA LUCK!

Unless you are attending Cal arts or some other School that charges $50-100,000 a year. And I am not exaggerating on the price! WHY ARE THEY CHARGING ART STUDENTS THAT MUCH!!!!! Half of us will never make enough money on a job to pay that shit back without selling drugs or stripping on the side! (or a rich mommy and daddy) NOT TO MENTION ALL THE WORK IN ANIMATION IS OVER SEAS!!! There are only so many jobs to go around and most of the people that already have them really want to keep them. If you wanna get anywhere after Art school prepare for a uphill battle that many people cant fight. And be careful on the trip up because you might not like the person you have to become.


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