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Happy Holidays and HAPPIEST NEW YEAR!!

This Christmas season has had so many ups and downs and many people have surprised me with there love and there kindness.

My car was broken into and my work suitcase was stolen. It included a lot of my original comics, sketchbooks, work supplies like mat frames and sleeves and so many things for comic shows.

Then a amazing woman was out walking her dog and came across my portfolio thrown into a trash back on the curb. She opened it and said she couldn't believe another artist would just throw away all there work so she contacted me and returned it.

Turns out she was also a artist and knew right away how heart breaking it would be to lose my original work.

The window had been busted out and trying to replace all the items for my events and shows was going to cost a lot so my friend Janine over at Janine creative cooking also started a Gofundme to help raise the money to replace the things that were taken! To many people gave to help me and I really can not thank them enough!

My mother in law also gave me a money gift to help after all the craziness so I could fix my car window right away!

I didnt know how to act with so much love and generosity this season. Its been a tough year to look back on and I have felt so frustrated, but the support of others really restored me.

I have spent a lot of time working on myself and learning to love myself better as well, and do a better job of caring for my own needs. Some of that time spent was dedicated to being more isolated in order to reflect and see what I needed to do to be more positive and loving to both myself and others. Sometimes you have to prioritize yourself to grow. I spent a lot of years prioritizing other people and neglecting my needs.

I sent out and gave out close to 100 hand made Christmas Cards and people really enjoyed it. I was happy to spread some Christmas cheer! As well as did a small gift exchange with a few people that wanted to participate. It was so exciting to have packages under the tree to open on Christmas day!

I love this time of year!

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