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I finally Finished my first fully printed comic


Its been 10 years in the making.

I started a short story back in 2010 with the intention of doing weird bad jokes and non-since happenings in a Oz like world and this week I finally got to see this story completed and printed in book form.

This whole project was a experiment in helping me to know I could complete a personal project from start to finish and have it printed. It was so exciting to get the book in my hand and see all the pages nicely laid out and ready to enjoy.

I ordered 25 copies. Some to take to a class I am teaching this week at Penn Valley Community College on Black Comics history and the rest to take to a small book and art fair I am doing this Saturday. Plus that was all i could afford.

To my surprise, lots of people were excited and wanted to get a copy! I have made sketchbooks and things of that sort in the past with no one really showing much interest. But i could not believe how many people said they wanted a copy after I posted pictures!!

Thank you so much to everyone!

Special thanks to Kevin Woolfork who donated $100 to help me print an additional 36 copies of the book so I can make some for the people that requested a copy of the book.

I feel so blessed to get so much support on the completion of this project and I am Really excited to do even more.


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