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Life can be unkind

2024 and 2023 have been very unkind. I try my best to be as positive and upbeat as I can despite my struggles. Whether with health or with career and most definitely with other people.

I lost my older sister and her husband. Broke my toe. Had people stiff me on working in my house. Lost work cause of all the things happening. Been delayed on my kickstarter and all my commission. The list goes on.

I just want a full year of no problems. A whole 12 months where I can focus on making art I want to make and living healthy and feeling good without disruption.

All the things are done on time, people are kind and loving, my healthy is improving and I feel good!

This is what I ask God for. MAYBE HE CAN GRANT IT!

My biggest disappointment was finding out how I caught Covid for the 3rd time! It really broke my heart. It reminded me that it doesn't matter how long or how well you think you know a person. You just don't.

Trust yourself. Trust your gut. Trust your wise sister. (My sister always seems to know the answers before I can figure them out. That is why I love her and am glad she showed up in my life.)

Anyway here is a drawing video. I was trying to de-stress.

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