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Setting goals

Setting and creating new goals is so important as a creator. If you are not intentional about doing that then you can find yourself neglecting your craft for the next episode of 90 Day Fiancé on the couch.

I looked at my day to day and asked myself where can I really fit in a couple hours of drawing and working on my own ideas and not just doing caricatures all the time.

The time is there but the temptation to spend it scrolling through memes and pet videos on Instagram is far too distracting.

So I decided to put together a schedule. Something to keep me on track and I implemented it. That means I had to show up for myself.

I must say it was so nice and satisfying. I dont feel like I have sat down to enjoy being imaginative and open mindedly creative in far to long.

Its like a old friend coming back to see me and tell me they love me after being away for a long time.

I missed it so much I might cry .

Now get out there and make some art!

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