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Sketchy doodle

I'm trying to post to my website more.

I'm excited to be finishing my Kickstarter for my sketchcard set.

Working on more sketch cards. Doing a couple of card sets.

I'm actually kinda excited to do it cause I quit sketch cards some years ago.

I also quit comics, animation, pinups, and just about all illustration outside my personal work and caricature business to be honest.

Life was just beating me up and I got burnt out, but I still needed to eat and pay for being alive.

Its funny how none of this stuff matters when you are on your death bed.

When you are dying you have no use for the world's BS anymore. I imagine it's pretty relieving not to stress about having to be alive anymore. Money and things become a waste and you just want to be with the people you care about. And you regret not spending more time with them or hurting them or that you took them for granted.

Living eventually teaches you what's important. But at the same time while you are alive you are just fighting to keep from drowning in all of life's unimportant problems that are only important cause other people make them so. Like taxes and health insurance.

Oh well.

Stay blessed.

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