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New Updates and Stuff

Slowly but surely!

I really want to start making my website my place to be. I'm tired of social media and all the censoring and the AI stuff.

Artists are running g from I stagram and facebook in droves cause of the AI scraping situation and these companies taking people work and using it to teach AI systems.

What many forget is that a lot of these platforms have it written into there terms and conditions that what ever you post can be used by them. But most people don't take time to read that when they sign up.

I stopped posting on DA a lot cause they do the same thing. All that art sicking there waiting to be used by them for whatever they want.

There is no safer platform than your own website to be honest.

No one can kick you off your own domain.

So slowly but surely I will be adding to and making changes to my space on the web.

I will introduce subscriptions, a online art store, regular blog updates, and more additions to the daily sketches gallery.

Also working on new comics and planning to officially launch Tornado Alley issue one on kickstarter as well as a Tornado Alley trading card set.

Which I'm working on now. Should be fun!

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