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Things have been rough

Just when I thought things were settling down and coming I to real focus the world turned upside down and backwards. All my goals have been haulted for a minute.

On February 22nd my Brother inlaw passed away from cancer in his home.

Then March 1st my sister (his wife) passed away. Then I caught Covid a week later and am recovering but had to postpone plans for my sister's home going memorial.

Now I found out my my sister's son's wife will also be laying her sister to rest soon cause she is possibly brain dead.

On top of that I had to work Planet Comicon and I drove to STL 3 times for work and I had to cancel 3 gigs and stop all commissions to deal with all that's going on.

I'm just so emotionally tired. I spent most of yesterday going through photos to make the memorial celebration of programs. All that lead me to looking at old pictures and videos of my sister my mom and my cat who are now all passed away. I spent so much time just bawling my eyes out I just wanted to sleep when it was all over.

Oh and I had 2 art shows at the Bruce R Watkins museum and 1 art show at the Tim Murphy Gallery in Merriam Kansas.

So much packed into a 6 week period.

Then before that I broke my toe. And I had people working on my house and the person doing the contract work went to 7-11 on a lunch break and never came back cause he got beat up and ended up in the hospital. Then I canceled a gig cause I couldn't lift my drawing arm cause my shoulder was hurting so bad!😭😭😭😭😭

I have just been so overwhelmed for the last 5 months. Nothing but a roller coaster since November.

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