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What is Arie Monroe Art?

As I am working through this life I had to ask myself, what do I want for this space. I want to be creative and I want to share my art and my voice.

Art is so personal. It’s more than just making funny comics and drawing cute pinup girls. I use to draw pinups cause it was fun but it was also very empty. Lots of drawing a females drawn as commissions for other people, which even though it was great fun, it was also intended to make a few extra dollars to make ends meet.

Unfortunately, the ends didn’t justify the means. I just didn’t sell enough pin up art to really allow me to flourish financially or artistically. I felt my growth stagnate and well as my wallet. So I switched to caricature cause I could better serve the public and make others happy with entertaining people that way than just drawing a few hot girls.

But now I had a empty hole of personal expression that needed to be filled.

Pinup art had stopped being fun after a while. I didn’t know how to put fun and passion into it anymore.

Mainasha, and Tornado Alley and Quietstorm have been beside me, however, my entire life. I created Mainasha at age 16. She is like the daughter I never had. Though I am not 100% consistent with creating content she has been around my entire adult life, helping me to express myself and share my deepest parts of myself.

ArieMonroeArt is now where I hope she will live and grow along with other characters and side kicks. I want to work on new stories and share them hear more often along with my ideas about personal growth, love, and evolution of the spirit.

Welcome to my sanctuary. A place where I may find myself revealing way to much sometimes. I hope you can walk away with having learned something or even grown yourself when you exit this place.

My name is Arie, nice to meet you. I hope you enjoy the ride.

Dont forget to visit my web store and support my work. I have comic downloads and other things there to enjoy!

Check it out below!


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