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Who is Socks the stinky Kitty

Many may or may not know this but Socks is a real cat. She is my whiny 20 year old baby that demands all attention at all times.

Whoever said cats don't like attention are very wrong!

She always wants to eat, always wants cuddles and always wants to be in the same room as me even if she is just relaxing on the couch. She never wants to be alone unless company is over. Then she hides from them because she is mad that she isnt getting all my attention!

She only likes 3 people that i know of. My mom, my BFF's Candy Briones, over at Taco el Gato Comics and my Beejay Hawn over at Oodles of Doodles. Go visit there art pages now!!

Socks is also married to Blackie can over at Taco el Gato comics and has a cool roll in the visual novel and game The Good the Bad and the Bunny.

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