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Why I am inking on top of other Creators

I always been a hands on person. When I was in college in order to really take in a lecture from class and learn I had to record the audio from place and write out everything by hand word for word.

If I read a text from class I also needed to be writing it out or even speaking it out load to memorize it. It just the way things got into my head.

Even now, when working through a problem or issue I have to speak it or write about it in order to "solve" the problem.

What ever it is I am doing to learn it involves deep engagement on a physical level. So I decided to give this a try. When I took a inking class back at The Joe Kubert school with Kim DeMulder. I decided for our assignment I would ink Frank Frazzetta and Kirby and I learned more from that experience that influenced my work than I could image.

Anyway, it is Inktober! I want to improve my inking so why not ink the greats and learn so I can apply it to my future work.

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