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Words have power

I think there is a rhyme we learn as children that is one of the biggest lies we get taught.

”Sticks and stones my break my bones but words can never hurt me.”

I say this because what I have learned over the years is that the words we speak to ourselves and to others can will and often do become our reality. Especially when repeated over and over again and when coupled with emotion and belief. They say whether you believe you can or cant you are always right.

Look at the idea for example, of casting spells. The person speaks a chant or curse out loud to do so. In the movies, after doing this magical winds blow and sparks surround the person and suddenly the thing they are casting a spell for manifests, whether good or bad.

Truth is I think this is true in every day life. If you wake up everyday and look in the mirror and call yourself fat, or ugly or any other negative thing, you spend the rest of your day living it out and becoming it. Then years later you look in the mirror and ask yourself, when did I get like this.

The same happens when you speak positive words. Saying things like I am strong, I and beautiful, I am the best at what I do. These word set the tone for which you will live your life. Progress is accumulated effort over time. Anything you do over and over again you get better at with patience and time applied to it.

A man that wants to be a good artist and believes they are a good artist draws everyday and over time the work they create gets better and better. Often time the thing that person says to them self is that they are very good. They are proud after each drawing, of what they created. And even if they don’t consider them self the best they are excited with every nice illustration that they create and they put effort into learning more so they can become even better.

The athlete visualizes and speaks out loud how good they are and that they will be the winner and then through action they manifest the very thing they were trying to speak over themselves just minutes earlier. “I am the strongest, I am the fastest, and I am going to win”

So I challenge you today to speak God over yourself and manifest the positive future you always wanted for yourself. The mind leads the body. With faith and belief we can do all things great and small.

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