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Working on designs for my wicked witch

Every Dorothy needs her wicked witch. I have been perfecting Amber Rainstorms design for a little while.

I would describe her as the tragic dark skinned beauty stereotype, thats become very selfish and is seeking to make her mark on the world.

Many dark skinned women feel the pain of being over sexualized and devalued in society. It can often make you bitter and even come across as angry, masculine, and controling. But really she is just looking for a place in this existance where she is heard and she has a voice and she counts just as much as the next woman.

Amber becomes the loveable and misunderstood villianess.

I am actually proud of myself today. One of my goals is to start throwing myself back into my Tornado Alley. Another is to spend more time getting out walking and enjoying time outside of the house. So why not combine it. I visited the city market for bit with my sketch book and got creative.

Here are the results. If I could get back to doing my daily sketches with. A focus on my comics tht would be great.

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