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You are invited to my art show at the Nelson Atkins Museum

Updated: Jun 4, 2021

Arie Monroe will be featured in a upcoming exhibition at the Nelson Atkins Museum. The exhibition will open on Saturday, June 5th , 2021 from 10 am to 5 pm and will be on going until May of 2022. This is a special group exhibition featuring creators from the African American Artist Collective. The name is the exhibition is Testimony: African American Artists Collective.

Expressed through a range of media and amplified by the artists’ own words, the testimonies offered by the Kansas-City based African American Artists Collective in this exhibition are diverse in style and theme. This collaboration between the AAAC and The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art embodies the reciprocal powers of authentically speaking one’s truth and being called to stand in witness. Together, this work of telling and receiving truths lays the foundation for community.

Arie Monroe's personal testimony, in this monumental event, is about being a African American woman in the digital world of dating and the sad state of dehumanization that allows for disrespect and lack of emotional connection while using digital media to seek out and connect with others in a very superficial and selfish manner. The piece features characters from Arie's self published comic book Tornado Alley, which looks at the world from the perspective of being a young African American women in a male dominated world. The show is receiving national attention and is being featured in many new outlets including The New York Times. So I hope you will take the time to share in these wonderful group of artists success as they receive national recognition for their work.

Please visit and reserve your ticket to be apart of this wonderful piece of history. Admission is free but the museum requires reservations to see the show.

To learn more about Arie Monroe and her work you can visit her 2 websites at :

You can also find Arie on Social media :

Instagram: Arie Monroe

Facebook: Drawlikecrazy

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