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Being vegan is fun but tough!

I like eating yummy things and experimenting. I usually have to have my beans. They always made me feel full. So I had been trying to learn to cool more things to do with them. Like lentil waffles! Which are really yummy!

But I am still struggling with my weightloss.

I think the most frustrating thing is seeing so many people talk about the amazing results they had with becoming vegan, especially Whole food Plant Based.

There are so many schools about how to eat!

High carb low fat is a big one, now there is vegan keto. then there is no grains, or no beans, or juice fast, or intermittent fast and one meal a day, and lets not forget food prep!!

Lets not forget all the books, Dr Furman, Starch Solution, How not to die... the list goes on and on. Its frustrating and i feel like in the end you just have to eat a way that is right for you.

It seems to be the same way on the opposite in with meat eaters as well. Eat this not that do this not that. In the words of Charlie Brown, "UGH!!"

I became vegan for health reasons. I just got tired of being sick all the time and having no energy. Always battling tummy aches or throwing up cause of something I ate. Blood pressure steadily going up was another issue. It had been rising for a while.

Watched a movie called What the Health and then another called Forks Over Knives where people went on and on about there weight loss and improved health and all the amazing improvements in there health.

Well, its true the issues did go away, but the transition has been hard. I spent a lot of time eating chips and hummus the first year of this process as I was trying to learn how to eat what to eat aside from lots of salad.

Its been about a year and 5 months and I am still struggling. I virtually can not eat out anywhere because everything is loaded with salt and oil that could potentially raise my blood pressure. It makes it hard to go out to eat with friends or family. I have to either bite the bullet and partake or watch everyone else eat food I shouldn't because of potential contamination.

Anyway, I also started to feel like i just been eating to much beans and grains. Noticed when I don't eat them as much i am much less bloated and my stomach pokes out much less.

But my biggest question is why hasn't my blood pressure changed. I don't want to do fasting cause I find when I do it just makes me drop a bunch of weight and then i gain it back so I rather be consistent with eating.

I'm trying my best to listen to my body. Living can be such a challenge. Anyway those waffle taste good. maybe they will make a good occasional treat. Enjoy


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